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Abundant Profit Club
Marketing Service

We are proud to introduce to you what could very well be the Best Marketing Service released in a very long time! We are unique in that we draw traffic from a global marketplace and display throughout the pages of Abundant Profit Club.

Get Premium Marketing with Premium Results!

Refund Policy

Due to the Nature of this Service we CAN NOT and WILL NOT honor any Refund Requests!
The credits, downloads and memberships are immediately available upon purchase.

If you are someone that likes to use a Service then ask for a Refund then do NOT Purchase our Service(s). Before ANY Account is Activated you will be REQUIRED to activate your account which means that you Agree to our Strict No Refunds Policy!

A Copy of our No Refunds Policy was provided to the Payment Processor in the event of a Dispute or Refund Request to prove you were advised of our No Refunds Policy.



Are You Ready For Something Refreshingly Different?
A New Company Run By PhDs And Lawyers & A Class 'A' Team Build

Hello Teammates,

Are You Ready To Discover Exactly How 'YOU' Can Easily Learn To Leverage $100 Into $120,000.00 USD!

It's simple and powerful. A twelve year old can do it. But only a twelve year old with a million dollar mindset. You must be serious once and for all about changing your life and be willing to follow the plan exactly as we teach you.

Okay, before we go any further I want to make one thing crystal clear... I am NOT here to waste your time, I'm not going to bore you to tears with LAME "rags to riches" story because I'm pretty sure you're well and truly sick of them by now. I'm here to show you EXACTLY how I earn cash every week.

It's not the millions of dollars in just days, for doing nothing like you see those "Internet Marketing Gurus" in their fancy videos. The one's with the bogus "1click" software or "magic" methods that they say is super easy...  but actually take weeks or months for most people to get to learn... And how about those upgrades they try to sell you?

Sadly, most people NEVER make a single red cent!

If you're looking for some "business opportunity" that requires you to promote or create products, build countless blogs or websites, pay for traffic or spend hours doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then I'm sorry... This Has NOTHING To Do With Internet Marketing! If that's what you're looking for, then you're in the wrong place!

However if you're looking for a REAL way to leverage cash working from home, then I have excellent news for you. Keep reading... Because I guarantee that this will be one of the MOST IMPORTANT emails that you will no doubt ever see about Making Money From Home!

Okay, here's the deal... I have discovered a simple money making system that will allow you and anyone else to earn an incredible income all from the comfort of your own home... You can start within just a few minutes from now. All you need is access to the internet... Which you obviously already have!

My Home Income System DOESN'T involve any of the following:
NO Selling
NO Creating or Running Websites
NO Blogging
NO Media Buying
NO Social Marketing
(Facebook, Twitter or Whatever The Latest Fad Is!)
NO Forum Posting
NO Article Submission
NO Autoresponders or List Building
NO Buying Domains or Hosting
NO Traffic Generation EVER!
NO Recruiting Affiliates

I've been using this simple, step-by-step system for the past few years to bank cash every week (sometimes more than most Doctors and Lawyers combined)... and today I'm going to show you EXACTLY how I do it!

Now I'm sure you've heard claims like this before? Maybe you've tried a few programs already? And I bet they told you to do at least one of the following... Spend money on advertising (PPC, PPV, CPA, etc)
Promote products or even create your own
Build a website or blog
Drive traffic
Build a mailing list

Sure... Those things can indeed make you money... BUT they require lots of time, effort and most importantly MONEY. They NEVER tell you that part... they just make it sound so easy don't they!

It's certainly not something the average person can jump straight into and make money from. What I have to show you today is 100% FREE to do... NO Investment is required! That means everything you earn is 100% YOURS...
NO Advertising Costs!
NO Website Costs!
NO Hosting, Autoresponder Payments, etc!

Here's what you NEED to do... Forget About EVERYTHING You Think You Know About Making Money Online! Just think about it... What you've been doing to until this point obviously hasn't working right?

Don't worry... Today we're going to change all that! In just a few moments I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to make thousands of dollars online EVERY week... Using a method that are so simple... and so obvious... That you'll be kicking yourself for not thinking of it yourself years ago! Just take my word for it... Check Out Easy This SIMPLE SYSTEM Works! I'm going to show you EXACTLY how this money is made - right down to the very last cent.

No more working myself to the bone just receive a lousy paycheck at the end of the week! But the best bit is that it's so simple... ANYONE Can Do This! It's time to secure your financial freedom - right now, TODAY!

Once you do this for yourself you can just sit back and make a steady INCOME each and everyday. All YOU NEED is the willingness to put what I show you to into action and start making money from the comfort of your home.

Some More Important Facts...
You will NOT have to pay for traffic or anything like that
It DOESN'T involve creating or maintaining a website
You will NOT have to pay for a domain or hosting account
This is NOTHING to do with cash gifting
This is NOT a currency trading program
It DOESN'T involve placing bets or gambling in any form
This is NOT "rebate processing"
This is NOT a "chain letter" scheme
It is NOTHING to do with real estate
You will NOT have to work long hours
This is NOTHING to do with Facebook, Twitter or Youtube
You will NOT have to sell your own products
It is NOTHING to do with apply for government grants
This is NOTHING to do with Internet Marketing
This will NEVER become saturated
(Competition is absolutely NO Issue!)
ANYONE in ANY country can make money from this
Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you need to spend more money in order to start making
money with this?
No - definitely not... You can start making money with these methods on a zero budget.

Does this really involve no selling or advertising?
That is correct... This is a unique program - you will not have to sell your own stuff or pay a single cent in advertising.

Do I need to download anything to my computer?
No - Everything is presented in a private, secure, members only website... You can access this 24/7

Does this involve anything unethical?
No, absolutely not. Everything is 100% legal in all jurisdictions.

Can this be used worldwide?
Yes - This can be used from any computer - ANYWHERE in the world. Even if you're on holiday and want to make some extra cash while you're chilling by the pool!
So Why An I Sharing This With You?
Now instead of saying something like "I want to help people" or "I want to put an end to Internet scams" I'll simply be honest with you and say this... Anything useful is worth selling for a price - plain and simple.

People want to know how to make money and I'll gladly show them - for a price. I show you EXACTLY how to make money from home and you give me a small fee for that knowledge... That's a pretty fair transaction don't you think?
Okay, so lets cut to the chase... How Much Is This Going To Cost? $497, $197 ... try $100! Yes, a measly $100 is all it takes.

There are no hidden or ongoing fees either! You pay just a small (one-time) fee - Just ONCE and you receive FULL Instant Access to my money making system that you can use yourself to cash in, all from the comfort of your own home. It really is that simple.

Now I could easily be like everyone else and charge you much more for it. But what's the point? I make REAL money using these methods - not selling it. The small fee just goes towards the time it's cost me to put all this together for you plus setting up and running the website. But not only that... I'm so confident that you'll be totally BLOWN AWAY with this program...

I'm going to take all the RISK away from you and give you a full 60 days to try it out to see what it can do for you too. If for some reason you refuse to make money with this (even though ANYONE can)...
If you feel this is not right for you (and quite frankly if this isn't for you, I don't know what is)... I will give you 100% of your money back. That is my promise to you. All I ask is that you give this a try and just see what it can do for you. I can't be fairer than that.

You get my Marketing System for Lifetime access! And if you're not 100% happy with the results... I'll return your complete investment less any commissions paid. This really is a completely RISK FREE opportunity unless you do absolutely nothing. This WILL Make You Money! No matter what your previous level of experience.

You can join our team today, RISK FREE and access the secure members area immediately after purchase and registration. And the best part is... You can see a REAL INCOME within just a few minutes of starting! When automated the ordering system will run 24 hours a day - even if it's 3am. I hope to see you in the members area or hear you on the team calls soon.

MoneyTalks provides financial services with 2 Membership Levels that you may participate in. Our members earn 100% of commissions. All payments are made directly member to member. You recover your initial payment immediately with your first referral.

The eBooks you will receive upon purchase:

"Self-Help Makeover"
"Revolution of the Evolution"


Phase 1
Level 1: $200
Level 2: $800
Level 3: $4,800

Phase 2
Level 1: $7,000
Level 2: $20,000
Level 3: $120,000

Total: $152,800

Process for the MoneyTalks Affiliate Registration (Basic Steps)

Instructions: You will have to follow these!

1. Each new affiliate only (one email per person), sends an email requesting instructions on how to properly and correctly send money for product order and accurate registration in the MoneyTalks system! (You will be instructed when to do this step!)

2. MoneyTalks will reply and deliver the instructions via auto reply email (very similar to this part of the email).

3. Members are to send $100 to the person who referred you. Please be sure to save your electronic transfer receipt. You will need the MTCN reference number to complete your registration form.

4. A REGISTRATION FORM WILL BE SENT TO YOU UPON REQUEST TO OUR TEAM MANAGER AT:  Phone #:  321 433-9473   Office hours: 10am - 9pm EST    Mon. - Sat  

 For questions, placement and to speak to an associate in our office and agree to team terms.


Level 1: Two people will send you $100 via electronic transfer (Money Gram or Western Union). You will use $200 to upgrade.

Level 2: Four people will send you $200 via US Postal Money orders. The first $600 goes to upgrade you to the Level 3 position. You keep the remaining $200.

Level 3: Eight people will send you $600 via US Postal Money orders. The first $3,500 you receive, you will use to upgrade to the Phase 2 Level 1 position. You keep the remaining $1,300.


Level 1: Two people will send you $3,500 via Cashier's Check. The first $5,000 you receive, you will use to upgrade to the Level 2 position. You keep the remaining $2,000.

Level 2: Four people will send you $5,000 via Cashier's Check. The first $15,000 goes to upgrade you to the Level 3 position. You keep the remaining $5,000.

Level 3: Eight people will send you $15,000 via Cashier's check. You keep the $120,000.

We put together a Simple Efficient System!

Save Yourself Stress, Time, Efforts & Money

We Show YOU 'How To' Leverage Money!

What would you rather do? Make Private Member To Member Payments AND Leverage $100 Into $120,000 FAST!

What do you think your prospects would rather have? The drop-out rate for traditional MLM's OR Stacks of $100 Bills?


Our Team Strategy is Powerful, Easy and Is Working Extremely Well For Our Members. Advertising as a Team is THE BEST Way to Really Grow a Business and to Create a Monthly Residual Income. This Is a Powerful Team Strategy That WORKS and WORKS WELL For ALL! 


 IF interested and ready to pay, please reply back with your Name, Phone#, Skype ID (Required If Non-USA Resident), Valid Email Address and Sponsor: David Sherman's Millionaire Team

Please Reply Back To: or put in your email address if using this for your team and you are the sponsor have the person fill in your name as Sponsor.


"Yes - I want in the Money Leverage Activity NIL Placement Process" in the Subject

E-Mail Address:
Sponsor: David Sherman's Millionaire Team



*Always gotta have the DISCLAIMER that reminds you that there's no guarantee you'll make any money. Starting and running a co-op Marketing service takes work and since I can't force anyone to purchase your goods or services I can't guarantee you'll make any money. If you're brand new to the make money online industry don't believe anyone who guarantees you'll make money at anything. There's no such thing. The only people who will make money at this are those who learn how to do it and then actually do work at it. Just like anything in life.

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