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Special Report: 'Only20Bucks' Business Venture

From David Sherman Only20Bucks Team Builder:
 OK, I'm NOT going to HYPE anyone - This is the sweetest deal I have ever sent. I hope you take the time to read it and act in the best interest of your family.  We are at the beginning of an epic
'Only20Bucks' business venture. I will not waste your time.

 3% of the population controls 97% of the wealth in the free world today!'

Find out how you can be part of the 3% group starting RIGHT NOW. You can learn this secret in the next 5 minutes by watching the video below. Then fill out the form to receive INSTANT ACCESS to this powerful system.

Have you ever wondered... Why is it that some people just seem to make money no matter what the economic climate is, while the rest have trouble even getting by?

How the 3% group are able to consistently leverage small amounts of time and money into massive FORTUNES? Why most people involved in Internet marketing end up SPENDING more money than they make, and how YOU can avoid making the same mistakes?

What SECRETS these people are using that others don't know about? How YOU can learn to take advantage of these same secrets with a minimum of risk, AND propel yourself into the 3% group?

Well, now YOU can! YOU are here to learn the incredible secret of the 3% group by reading the report right NOW.

We're going to give you FREE INSTANT ACCESS to the most powerful program on the Internet today — one that will get you a lot closer to that 3% group (remember, THEY control 97% of the money). We will show YOU how to begin receiving a residual income right away with as little as a few hours a day devoted to the program.

We will share these incredible secrets with you. You'll learn how the rich keep getting richer, and what they've been doing since the dawn of time that separates them from the 97% group. Finally, YOU can participate too, and become FINANCIALLY FREE in time through a legitimate business that won't run away with your money!

You'll always miss 100% of the shots you never take. YOU don't want miss out on this one — it can be YOUR SHOT OF A LIFETIME!

A Solution To Economic Problem - An 'Only20Bucks' System!

 When you join the program members do not have:

To Do ALL The Marketing  - To Generate ALL The Leads - To Write ALL The Messages - To Interview Optins Every Day - To Create The Initial Sales Funnel - To Manage Your Personal Sales Funnel - To Refer Personal Referrals Exclusive To YOU!

OK! What's In It For You? Time Freedom Is What It's All About! 

 Freedom Of Your Personal Time - From Techie Experience  - From Lead Generation  - And From Marketing Worries

The 'Only20Bucks' PIF System!

$$ Simplicity + Longevity + Prosperity $$

Our Team Is Doing Something Nobody We Know Has Done Before.

After years of brainstorming and wanting a true Team Build where nobody got left behind... With the realization that it’s all about the newest member being successful or the team crumbles from the bottom up...

  • Realizing people don't like to make phone calls.
  • Knowing people don't have a lot of money to do or stay in business.

We have a plan that will totally change this Industry and lives! We have solved every one of these issues and have loyal members that handle all the work to bring in new people for the Team.

We are a group of like-minded individuals who want to help others. Most of us have been working online or in the marketing industry for years and know the importance of helping others.  Are you finding it tough to make money in this economy? We have the solution for YOU!

This is a Lazy's Man Road to Wealth!!!!

Quick Overview: The Only20Bucks PIF Team

If you choose to have your own "personally enrolled" members, you can do so after your own position is permanently placed. You may enroll now and lock in your position. For members to be personally enrolled by you, you must pay it forward for them or have them pay for their own position. There is a GREAT Advantage to this in either case because you will earn a 100% matching bonus on ALL your personally enrolled team members. With just three personally enrolled for a total cost of $60 you are eligible for the 100% matching bonus.

If you choose to be PIF'd in and agree to PIF three referrals in send an email to your sponsor with 'I will PIF Three into Only20Bucks'. If you don't write then you won't be PIF'd in.

Remember... members who join for FREE and at NO COST to the member will be placed from left to right in the company wide structure as we have members request prospects to be PIFed in.

We will PIF members in the order there emails are received from PROFITS in an orderly fashion. If you pay for yourself we will assign three members for you to PIF in. Payment Processors:  STP and

Every member has a choice of 3 capture pages depending on your target market.

~ When you succeed in the silver and move into the gold using the PIF system the rest is automatic

~ You only three Referrals that must follow your example... once they are in profit they will never leave
~ One time out-of-pocket cost:  Under $100.00 if you take the easy road and find three people who will PIF three others...
~ Earn over $200.00 in the Only20Bucks plus  HUGE 100% Matching Bonus Commissions  and  Monthly Residuals

GOAL: Use your fresh leads from the splash pages to
PIF build your downline or letting them pay their own way in.

 The Only20Bucks PIF Team Solution

We want to help you make money online. Are YOU ready to be part of it?

If you decide to use the PIF for Three solution this is what happens:-)

Our Team has taken care of ALL these stumbling blocks by doing something NEVER done in the industry before. Follow our PLAN for SUCCESS and you could have a Residual Income Stream that grows month after month. You can begin for as little as $20.00 one-time-out-of-pocket. YES, we said $20.00 which covers everything! Or, do it the easy way and PIF three and be free from recruiting anymore at all.

WHY is our Team different?  By utilizing our Team you are NOT required to refer more than three people who grasp the Ease and Logic of Paying It Forward. Let the PIF solution do the hard work for you!  In fact you may be here from a member willing to PIF YOU in now!

Only20Bucks… We work as a Team to help everyone succeed… YOU succeed and WE succeed!

The Light went on for one of our members P.W. Dego.  In an email he wrote the following when he grasped the whole concept! 

"I have been thinking of the whole idea. What if I PIF in people who are ready to PIF in others, then what happens? There should be a way where we can keep the system working and no one being left behind.

Alright, so lets do it this way, if you are ready, send money for 3 people and then your position will be PIFed in for you, whiles your money is used to PIF in for 3 people who also do the same, to keep the system moving and moving, what do you think." - P.W. Dego

Remember: Don't be fooled by how simple this System looks

E=MC2 looks simple...but it's also one of the most powerful equations in all of physics. “Simple” is almost always the best way to do anything. Speaking of Einstein, he once said, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

That's what we've done for you: We've made attaining 'financial freedom' as simple, quick and affordable as possible.

So please: DO NOT be fooled by how simple the system looks. It will look almost “too” simple to work... but just DO IT. It will not work for you, unless You do it.

What About The Earnings Formula?

Be Prepared To Be Amazed By The Power Of A 2-Up Plan!

The income beyond this point gets pretty staggering.  Here is income potential. Be amazed!

The 'Only20Bucks' Compensation Plan -

The initial payment to the Only20Bucks is $20.00. The Payment processor you can use is either or Solid Trust Pay.

Keep in mind this means that your potential income would be huge. Add to that the referrals will be sharing two pass-ups and so on forever. Do you get the picture... a True Multiple Income Stream!

Note: You may wonder why we chose this particular Company, first they fit our team build model, we love the pay plan. There are totally different products that don't compete with each other in any way, they get us in different markets & allow us to build multiple sources of income from our profits.

We can help a tremendous amount of people with this PIF solution!

The people who join the Only20Bucks PIF Team Build will join independently will follow their sponsor.  The program is fully automated... everyone will be entered left to right, level by level.

Only20Bucks has a very affordable entry into the Silver matrix at just $20 and once a person gets their 2 referrals then the company enters into the Gold matrix.  Once in the Gold Matrix you begin earning the $40 per month to cover your autoship. We also know that top promoters are using this plan to PIF more than three and in just  5 weeks expect to be set to $5K per month within Only20Bucks. It's possible with the 100% Matching Bonus on all personal referrals. 

What I will say though, is this...
 If you're tired of all those so-called 'systems' and business opportunities that require you to sell affiliate products, run pay per click advertising campaigns, operate websites or recruit new members then I have excellent news for you.
 I have discovered an amazingly simple income system that will allow you and anyone else to earn an incredible income from home, just by using your computer and the Internet.
 Keep reading because I guarantee that this will be the most important piece of information you will ever read about making money online... or in general for that matter.
 This system is called 'PIF For Success' and it does NOT involve any of the following:
  * No building websites   * No data entry  * No Adsense  * No mailing lists  * No rebate processing  * No gambling  * No chain letters  * No surveys or 'paid to read' programs
  I am going to show you exactly 'How To' use this simple, 4 step system, that generated a residual income in a mind-blowing starting in less than 24 hours... and after you take action you will know EXACTLY how to do it yourself.
 Now I have absolutely no doubt that you've heard claims like this a thousand times before and you may have even tried a few programs already. If you have tried other programs, then I can guarantee that you would have been required to do at least jump through a lot of hoops to make a profit. There may be a lot effective ways of making money, but are they for everyone? Of course not!
 Here's why:-) People do not want to work their butt off to succeed. They want what we offer
an epic 'Only20Bucks' business venture.
 Forget about all the negatives. In fact, forget EVERYTHING you think you know about making money online because I'm going to show you exactly how to make thousands of dollars by using a method that IS so simple, so incredibly obvious, it still amazes me that IT actually exists.
 I have dealt with advertising a product, sales, signing up for affiliate programs or even create a ton of websites and I made $20,000 per week and more but NOTHING BEATS 'IT'.
 Just spend about five minutes and find out how to become a successful marketer with our 'PIF For Success'. I will show you EXACTLY how this money is made - every step of the way.
 Now keep in mind that the figures are based on using our directions.  100% of my profit comes from the simple formula that there are very minor expenses involved!
 Not only is the work incredibly simple, but it's even philanthropic too!  For most days I only have to work for around 1-2 hours BECAUSE I WANT TO HELP OTHERS SUCCEED.
 I wake up whenever I feel, check my online accounts - where there is ALWAYS money waiting to be collected, perform the necessary tasks, switch off my computer and enjoy the rest of my day. No commute to work and no worries. I just relax and make piles of money, day after day and week after week. I no longer dread having to wake up early and slave at my old job for measly wages!
 And since I don't have to rely on making sales I can just sit back, run the system and make a steady, GUARANTEED PROFIT each and everyday. This happens because I followed directions and did not give up laying the foundation for success.
  * Anyone in almost any country can make money with this system
  * This does not involve promoting affiliate products
  * You will never have to run a pay per click advertising campaign
  * You will not be applying for government grants
  * This has nothing to do with MySpace, YouTube or anything similar
  * You will never need to work long hours
  * This is not cash gifting
  * This has nothing to do with investing in Real Estate
  * This is not some 'chain letter' scheme
  * This is not 'rebate processing'
  * This is not a mail from home system
  * You will never have to recruit anyone if you agree to PIF people in
  * You will never have to gamble
  * You will never need to build or maintain websites
  * This does not involve paid surveys or emails
  * This is not envelope stuffing
 This SOLUTION is not based on YOU selling or advertising therefore competition means nothing. It doesn't matter if one or one million people do this - everyone can still earn as much as they want, whenever they want... it's the beginning of the new era in marketing online.
 Market saturation is not an issue. Some income systems are simply brilliant when they come out, but once everyone starts catching on, the competition increases and your earnings decrease.
 This will never happen with this SOLUTION -  and the product is guaranteed. Everyone in your street or suburb could use this SOLUTION but won't.  And you could all make just as much money as you like - competition means nothing!
Our solution is an incredibly simple system - so simple, that I bet that even a 12 year old could run it and make money. There is absolutely nothing complicated about it - 4 steps, that's all.
 This is not a 500 page ebook and this is not some complicated money making course. This is a short, straight-to-the-point money making system that works without fail each and every time.

 Well first, as I mentioned above - competition is no issue. It doesn't matter how many people do this along with me because it will have absolutely no effect on my personal earnings. (Unless I personally PIF them in which I will do for the 100% Match Bonus)
 Also, instead of saying something like 'I just want to help people' or 'I want to put an end to Internet scams' I'll simply be honest and say this....  Anything useful is worth selling for a price - plain and simple. People want to know how to make money and I'll gladly show them - for a price.
 I show you how to make $1000s every week by doing virtually nothing and you give me a small fee for that knowledge - that's a pretty fair transaction don't you think?
 $2500?, $1000?... Try Less Than $100 Or As Little As $20.00!
 Yes, less than a measly $20 dollars is all it takes. And that can be paid via credit card to get you started in Only20Bucks.  There are no hidden costs. You pay the ludicrously small fee and you receive instant access to the system that earns me a growing residual income... It really is that simple.
 I could easily be like everyone else and charge for it but what's the point? I make the REAL money by actually using this system - not selling it.  You will not find a system like this anywhere else online. This is not one of those programs that hundreds of people are selling... this is 100% original!
 The Only20Bucks PIF Team provides a foolproof system that will make you money - no matter your previous level of experience. You can enroll now and access the system immediately after payment has been made. You will even be able to get started making money within 3 minutes of starting!
 You can order anytime you feel - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any country worldwide. See you in the members area...
 You gain almost instant access to the members website after payment has been made. We manually verify all payments due to internet CC fraud.  No downloading is required. The time to set up your account does not depend upon your skill level.  We are here to help and please feel free to call or email your sponsor.


Finally the PIF Team that is focused on the Only20Bucks!! We are committed to helping our PIF Team be successful as a group while staying together as a Team through thick & thin & creating multiple streams of income at the same time. Regardless of companies coming & going 'WE ARE A TEAM'!

This will be a simple laid out process that with your 100% commitment & ability to follow simple instructions, you can turn a $20.00 one time out of pocket expense into life changing long term residual income through multiple streams of income. Or, spend $60 and be PIF'd in and not have to refer anymore than three (3) people to earn 100% Matching Bonuses on your personal downline.


Join The Only20Bucks PIF Team Build for a one-time fee of $20.00. Everyone in our group will be promoting their own links. This gets a Silver matrix with a 1x2 structure that qualifies an entry into the Gold 2x4 Matrix. With 3 personal referrals you qualify the the 100% Match Bonus.


Now you are changing your families’ lives! You need three (3) referrals in your Only20Bucks Silver Matrix to enter the Gold Matrix which will start your stream of residual income. Everyone in O20B gives up their 2nd and 4th referral to their sponsor and the reason everyone needs three referrals.

An important note here: It doesn’t matter ‘who’ you are below in the Silver Matrix - what matters is who you get to follow you into the Gold Matrix because spill-over will happen with Only20Bucks. These people will be working on your behalf to fill your spots to maximize the compensation plan.

As a team we are focused on Only20Bucks. When you are making great income wouldn't you want to tell your loved ones about our Only20Bucks PIF Team? Wouldn't you want to invest in the long term success of the Team? Of course you would. We request once you are in profit to refer 1 NEW position per month to support the newest members
at the bottom so it continues to get everyone cycled.

Imagine having thousands of team members supporting the newest member to the team! Truly a Team build focused on Only20Bucks! If any Company fails us... NO PROBLEM, the existing team switches it out for something similar that fits our model. We are a family. Never reliant on any one Company!!!

We Have Solved Many Of The Issues To Build A Home Business

1) I don't have money to start... This is $20.00 to start and auto-ships come from profits. Or, $60. if you PIF three in your downline!

2) I don't know anything about this Industry or Internet.... There is not massive learning curve

3) I can’t recruit, don't have friends or family to talk to, don't have time.... We have a Team that helps you recruit too!

What we are doing with this Only20Bucks PIF Team Build is a new concept to the network marketing industry! I am not sure it has ever been done successfully! This plan has caused a ton of excitement already. If you have members in Only20Bucks that have gone inactive you will want to give them a copy of this site so they can take part in what we are going to do.

The PIF System is the only link used by to promote the PIF Team.  Our members have committed to fully funded a 'PIF Plan' that works to place people into the matrix daily filling the matrix to help YOU build profits in the Gold Matrix.  It only takes three personals to get into the Gold Matrix and collect 100% Match Bonuses.

This is a very simple & hands off situation totally managed by our team leader, David M Sherman PhD. You're only requirement will be do exactly what we say when we say do it with the funds we create for you. There is no need to jump over someone, buy multiple spots... no need for any greed. Everyone will be taken care of if they follow the simple plan.

We now have a fully loaded resource center with ten marketing clubs. There are free memberships for any and everyone at  It is used now by the Guru or new member. You will know where to advertise for little or no money and in most cases there are signup bonuses! Remember, he Goal is to help everyone get their 3 personally sponsored distributors!

Now, its alreight for folks who are already involved with Only20Bucks to join our team.  Only20Bucks PIF Team is for everyone in our genealogy.  It is also a great way for you to make money right now and help your friends develop their marketing skills.

Hopefully you see the power of what we are doing.  Only20Bucks members are always getting new prospects requesting membership in the Only20Bucks PIF Team Build and if there is a waiting list we will give these referrals to our members if they want to PIF them in their downline.

PIF Three To Win So There Will Be:-)

  • No More Sponsoring!
  • No More Selling!
  • No Crazy Recruiting Schemes


The Only20Bucks PIF Team was created to support our members.  As a member of the Only20Bucks PIF Team, you can join our Resource Center and Traffic Exchange FREE.

NOTE: Concerning the folks you personally invite...You must watch your backoffice and communicate directly with your Personal Referrals when it's time for them to join a company.  If you were personally referred by a member, your Sponsor needs to be able to keep in touch with you.  So please cooperate by making sure they have your full contact information.  They should be able to reach you when it's time for you to join one of the other companies if offered in the future.

NOTE 2: Fees To Join The Other Companies Will Come Out Of The Money Earned In Only20Bucks.   There is no additional out-of-pocket cost after you pay the $20 to join Only20Bucks. If you use the PIF System the cost will be $60 which can be paid in $20 increments as you PIF for three members through the Only20Bucks backoffice.  Otherwise, the cost would only be $20 and your three would pay their own way into Only20Bucks.

You will earn money from We do not pay commissions on purchases on this site. The funds are used for expenses and to PIF for charity cases.  Since this is a One-Time-Out-of-Pocket program, all expense deductions should come out of your Only20Bucks earned commissions. 

NOTE 3: As a member of the Only20Bucks PIF Team may be invited to join other programs by your sponsor. It is your responsibility to SAVE the appropriate amount of funds needed for PIF fees.  Again, you will be contacted directly by your Personal Sponsor when it is time to JOIN another company.  The sponsor is responsible for referrals; admin will not be contacting your personally invited folks.

NOTE 4: 
Placement - The word "Team Build" refers only to the 1x2 Silver Matrix portion of this program.  The PIF System is not a follow-me system.  NEW members are placed in the next open spot in the matrix regardless of who invited them.  When it's time for members to join another company, that's when you should Follow Your Sponsor. Your sponsor is the person who invited you into The Only20Bucks PIF Team Build.


No!  However, for best results, it is preferred that you DO join Only20Bucks BEFORE and notify your sponsor in writing if you want to use the PIF solution. A username is part of the Only20Bucks application.  If you don't have an Only20Bucks username then you did not register correctly.

 Your Sponsor worked hard to get you to preview this system.  So it's best to join Only20Bucks now so that the system will attach you to your correct Sponsor.  It is not mandatory to join Only20Bucks now.  Yet to avoid misplacement of referrals, it is BEST to ask your personal referrals to join Only20Bucks BEFORE they join the Only20Bucks PIF Team.


Priority placement goes to members that ACTIVATE Only20Bucks Body memberships immediately.  The advantage comes from entering your sponsors Only20BucksBody linage and receiving spill-over which comes from the limited width matrix in the compensation plan. Do not let that discourage you from joining the Only20Bucks PIF Team!  You won't find an easier way to make Extraordinary Income than Only20Bucks PIF Team Build opportunity. You can sign-up for TODAY and pay your way in for $20 then use this strategy if you cannot refer others that pay their own way.  It would be BEST if you join Only20Bucks today especially if you plan to invite your own referrals.


1.  Ability to read and follow program guidelines and procedures.
2.  Join the businesses at the appropriate time or be passed by.
3.  Maintain monthly advertising to help your team members.
4.  Promote ONLY YOUR Only20Bucks PIF Team link.

5.  Take time to monitor your backoffice at least twice per day and connect with your personal referrals...

NOTE: The 3 Referrals will probably not come right away. This site does most of the work.  Your efforts are minimal just refer others and let this system close the sales for you. Most people are willing to PIF others in because they cannot or hate trying to refer others.

HOW TO JOIN Only20Bucks

Any person may join Only20Bucks under their sponsor and not use this system.

If you can't afford the $60 to use the PIF solution right now ask your sponsor for help as a personal loan, or, if they know someone who will PIF you in . Most of us understand and have been helped by others in the past.


Step 1 
Please email your sponsor before you signup for Only20Bucks and let them know if you are going to use the PIF system.  They may require conditions or nott be using this system.

NOTE: If a sponsor does not want to PIF a person then request someone who will.  If you joined Only20Bucks first you may need to rejoin with a different email and username.  

Step 2  Join The Only20Bucks PIF Team by requesting a Only20Bucks link from your sponsor

Step 3  Join Only20Bucks and your sponsor will pay the $20 Entry Fee if you decide to PIF three

Step 4  Your Sponsor Will Email You When It Is Paid. Then check your EMAIL for activation.  

Step 5  Make sure your backoffice profile is complete and get familiar with the backoffice.

Step 6  Every Sponsor PIFs members on a first come, first served basis. There are no refunds.

Step 7  EMAIL your Sponsor to say you JOINED.  Give them your contact information, also.

NOTE: Please remember to contact your sponsor when it's time to join the other companies.

Only20Bucks example link: 

The 'Jump Ahead' qualifier is to grab an Only20BucksBody position today

Simply Pay-It-Forward for three friends and order your product of choice. It is paid for by cycling the Silver matrix for $39.95 which includes shipping and handling.  Then advertise your 'PIF Team link'. It's only $20 once and many people easily fill a 2x1 matrix.  Members can refer others directly to Only20Bucks by using the 'PIF System' do most of the work by explaining 'Why' so many members use PIF solution. Please make the 'Right Decision' for your family and connect with your sponsor for their link or any questions you may have.

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